About Me


Hey everyone!  I’m Mihaela (me-ha-ella. . . now say it fast and you’ve got it!)  and welcome to my blog.  The purpose for this blog is for me to put down all of the recipes I enjoy and wish to try all in one place.  I’ve created clutter by scattering recipes all over my kitchen and bedroom and enough is enough, I need to get organized, so here’s this blog!  I also will be writing about life and whatever’s on my mind just because 🙂

So a little about me…

I’m a paralegal assistant going to paralegal school right now.  I just started in Fall, 2014 and it is time consuming!  But that’s college for you.  I’ll be taking 4 classes next semester and I’m a little worried that it might be too much on my plate, being that I have a full-time job and all.  I would love if I could work with animals in any capacity, but it’s not so easy in this field.  If I can’t help animals, I will go into probate and estate planning.  My goal is to help, period.

I live with my handsome boyfriend, Scott, in sunny Orange County, California, with our kitty cat, Kira.



She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?  I have the best dog ever, Cooper, but we currently don’t have a backyard where we live, so he is happily living with his grandparents, where he has free range of the house and huge backyard.  I’ll do anything to keep that boy happy!  No sense in keeping him locked up in our townhouse.  I do visit often…sigh, I miss him so much.


Anyway, back to food!  I LOVE food.  I have a feeling I will be saying that a lot in the upcoming recipes I’ll be posting up.  Food is a passion of mine.  I almost went to culinary school.  I took a tour of Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, California (oh, my gosh…so beautiful there) and everything sounded great.  But when they told me that they cook pigeons, I mentally hit the brakes and completely checked out at that point.  There is no chance of my becoming a sophisticated chef with that mind set of mine.  Eek!  Sorry, no can do.

What I do is just cook what sounds tasty to me, that’s all.  Lots and lots of yummy dishes coming soon.  Can’t wait!

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